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How to properly care for jewelry made of gold, silver and bronze

What is jewelry made of gold, silver and bronze afraid of?

Gold, silver and bronze are very soft metals in themselves, they are amenable to mechanical stress and strain. Despite the fact that the production of jewelry involves gold alloys with other more sturdy metals, the final product is still susceptible to mechanical damage. That is why any reputable jewelry store salesman recommends customers to take off their jewelry during rough manual work, sports, going to a sauna or a pool. Tap water and human sweat have a negative impact on precious metals, “sucking out” their noble shine. We need to avoid interaction of jewelry with other metal surfaces, as the latter will most certainly be more durable and leave marks on your product. The jewelry is also “afraid” of oxygen, water, creams, household chemicals and, in particular, the sun. Constant exposure to UV rays causes gold and silver jewelry to lose its noble shine over time.

How to properly care for jewelry made of gold, silver and bronze?

Caring for jewelry made of precious metals should begin immediately after their purchase. Women should be careful when using make-up and perfumes, which usually contain a whole list of substances and compounds that can harm jewelry. Regular contact with such materials can result in appearance of spots on the surface of precious metals and loss of natural shine. We advise our customers not to wear your jewelry while you are sleeping, doing sports and physical activities. Jewelry’s main “household enemies” are alkali, detergents and sweat and the outside ones are sunlight, smog and oxygen.

What to do if your jewelry lost its look?

The most important thing to do is wipe the jewelry with microfiber every time you take it off (if you don’t have a microfiber on hand, use a clean, thin flannel or suede cloth). If you accidentally got your item dirty, do not rush to rinse it in hot running water. To clean it, prepare a small tub filled with a solution of soap and ammonia (5-10 drops). After thoroughly washing the jewelry in this solution, rinse the product in clean water and dry. To eliminate gross dirt use a solution of water and dishwashing detergent. The latter component should be free of alkalis and other compounds that could have a negative effect on the metal. Soak the product in this solution for a day, then rinse in clean cold water and carefully wipe using a microfiber cloth.

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