We advise our customers to take great care of their jewelry. 
Proper care will preserve the natural grace and elegance of precious metals.
What is jewelry made of gold, silver and bronze afraid of?
Gold, silver and bronze are very soft metals in themselves, they are amenable to mechanical stress and strain. 

Despite the fact that the production of jewelry involves gold alloys with other more sturdy metals, the final product is still susceptible to mechanical damage.

That is why any reputable jewelry store salesman recommends customers to take off their jewelry during rough manual work, sports, going to a sauna or a pool. Tap water and human sweat have a negative impact on precious metals, “sucking out” their noble shine.

We need to avoid interaction of jewelry with other metal surfaces, as the latter will most certainly be more durable and leave marks on your product. The jewelry is also “afraid” of oxygen, water, creams, household chemicals and, in particular, the sun. 

Constant exposure to UV rays causes gold and silver jewelry to lose its noble shine over time.